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ANKYLOS dental implants

Ankylos dantų implantai

Implantation is the most reliable and modern solution for perfect aesthetic and functional tooth strength. Properly chosen implants and qualified specialists’ work to restore the lost tooth functionality prevents bone atrophy and provides a perfect smile. In order to make sure the maximum quality, choose globally recognized products. We suggest you to test ANKYLOS products – the implants that are very popular and ensure the highest quality – their construction provides precise reproduction of natural tooth aesthetics and mechanical stability of the implant.

What is special about ANKYLOS dental implant?

ANKYLOS dental implants are one of the most popular choices in the sphere of implantation. This is one of the oldest implant systems used in the world, known in the market for more than 20 years. ANKYLOS dental implants are manufactured in Germany, in the company ‘‘Dentsply Friadent“. Many years of research and documented clinical practice have helped to create the products, winning a global recognition. Today, the quality of dental implants meets the maximum Premium requirements.

ANKYLOS dental implants correspond to the natural tooth appearance and ensure the maximum of mechanical stability. The modern “TissueCare Connection” connecting system eliminates any micromovements and guarantees reliable protection against microbes, as well as ensures the longevity and stability of the implants. Strong connection slows down bone tissue atrophy and has a positive impact on the soft tissues located around the implant.

The largest focuses of the company are on the accuracy and maximum results, so the production of ANKYLOS dental implants is carried out in accordance with strict quality control covering all the processes from raw material purchase to finished products for the consumers. Dental implants are made of pure surgical titanium and have a unique microstructure that provides faster and more effective bone engraftment. Dentists confirmed, that today no other system can guarantee such a reliable integration of the implant in the bone.


Maximum stability. Medical research confirmed that ANKYLOS implant system ensures maximum stability of the implant, and corresponds to the aesthetics of natural teeth. Recent technological developments offer a strong and high-quality implant connection, which prevents bone atrophy and has a positive influence of the soft tissues around the implant.

Durability and resistance to deformation. ANKYLOS implants have protection from any physical damage. The tests that took place for years ensured that the implant during its usage will avoid friction and micromovements so the possibility that dental prostheses (or tooth crown) become loose from the implant is minimal. High quality implants offers maximum resistance to wear, fissures and deformation.

The jaw bone protection and reduction of infections. ANKYLOS dental implants reduce the risk of infections – hermetic connection between the implant and the supporting head prevents formation of bacteria and ensures proper protection against possible infections. Modern jaw bone protection ensures stable bone condition and prevents its loss. ANKYLOS system helps to maintain healthy soft tissues and guarantees excellent dental aesthetics.

Our goal – is your perfect smile!

Qualified specialists of “Ateities dental clinic”, offer you the very best! Working with the world’s prized ANKYLOS dental implants we guarantee the professionalism of implantation procedures! We rely on the most advanced experience and use innovative treatment technologies to make sure they meet your expectations of the results!

ANKYLOS dental implants – is the implantation system existing in the market for many years and appreciated in the world, ensures the highest mechanical stability indicators and the restoration of the natural tooth aesthetics.


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